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Rachel doesn't really respond to Lehcar when you are trying to get her attention.
by Nadia! April 22, 2018
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A german word meaning tasty.


A red-headed freak. Who happens to also be called Booger. Likes to think they come from the gangster hood.
Tries to act like a G. Happens to have the last name of Walrus, and tends to pick the card "Walrus" in Taboo.

Also has lame friends who ride in her love machine

And has cousins in Zimbabway who happen to be the opposite shade of color she is.

Tends to make interesting poems.

Thinks it is bomb diggity to drive on Barry St. and listen to gangsta rap with the windows down

Tends to turn on mailmen.

Favorite sayings:" Maybe I'll stab you."

Tends to run from birds who fly in ones room.

Also thinks friends mother is her brother when on the phone.

Likes sour watermelon thingys.

Doesn't bend down for money.

Likes to work the corners.

Is rough on mood rings.

Easliy pleased.

Loves dog Charlie.

Makes gangster rap music videos with friend

Soap Opera writer.Enriqwue?!

"Ally, not you Allie, but the other Ally..." =

Has a long lost twin.

Is weird beyond words.

Smiles when farts in sleep.

Thinks wearing friends soccer sweater makes her a "balla"

Is obsessed with Hermione.

Is a best friend who will never be left. Very Strong, Kind, Hilarious. Many people love her.
German word for tasty. Das Ist lehcar. that is tasty

a gangster

red-headed freak

poem writer

by ALLEYCAT March 01, 2007
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