noun: an arm that resembles a leg. i.e., it is very fat and large.

LegArm - A top ranked wiffleball team on the East Coast. Based out of NY and MA.
LegArm - She has fat where she should have arm....what the hell...she has a leg arm.

LegArm - LegArm is a top ranked team on the East Coast and plays against teams like : Whitey's Wackers, Brew Crew, Doom and Sliced Bread.
by Tagf August 20, 2011
Used to describe skinny, often pale limbs.
Whoa. Did you see the Science legs (arms) on Bill Nye in that video!

Look at that nerdy white boy, swing his science arms around, pretending he can dance.
by Nice501s June 16, 2020
The most iconic nickname for Allegra others include amanbun and amegra
Legs and arms is so iconic
by Allegraisthebest 123 July 9, 2021