A racsist game where an "evil" guerdo(black) guy named Ganondorf captures the blond white zelda and aryan race link has to kill ganondorf.The guerdo are seen as either thiefs or pirates in the series, in twilight princess there is a man named Barnes who sells bombs openly(weapons/explosives/terror dealer) bombs too. Ganondorf changed green and not black so they can get away with racism. It teacxhes kids to be racists(all characters against ganondorf) cultive(3 godeses of light) terorists(gorons)
Ganondorf : I just want to leave the guerdo valley(DISTRICT 9) to live with the rest in hyrule(Nazi Germany) but this link kid keeps beating me into submission(bullying)
Barnes: buy a bomb and attached it to an arrow to make a bomb arrow(RPG) and get rid of your enemies(terorism)
Link:YYYYYYAAAAAAAA( legend of zelda)
by VhLevan January 17, 2010
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The only game series of its time to get WORSE as it progressed.
Stoned guy: Dude lets play Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker
Other Stoned Guy: Dude screw wind waker. That games gay. Lets go play A Link To The Past
by Ryan G Anzaldi November 24, 2006
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