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when a horny man can't get sex from his wife so he settles for leg sex; putting just enough baby oil on her legs while she lays across the bed on her stomach, you stand there as she gets you hard by rubbing your penis with her feet, and as soon as your ready you mount her putting your hard on between her thighs and stroke untill you bust a nut then go to sleep.
"baby can we get freaky tonight, NO! I'm tired . . . how bout some Leg Sex? oh alright"
by King Hall July 23, 2009
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1. When a dog gets it on with your leg
2. When a politician gets it on with your leg
1. "Roinks, Raggy! I rawnna rump your reg!" - Scooby Doo
2. "Nyeeer, hya hya! Gimme another hump, Georgy!" - John Howard
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When a person penetrates the vagina with his/her leg and wiggles it a bit
Will you leg sex me up a bit?
Your toes turn me on, put your leg in a bit?
foot me?...hard?
by We like legs March 21, 2008
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