The favorite website of Indians and Chinese. LeetCode has a huge collection of algorithm problems that can help you land your dream software developer job at Facebook, Google, etc.. Many people practice coding interview questions on LeetCode with the goal of making $135k the first year they graduate. There is a mysterious legend that says you don't actually have to know a thing about software development to get a job at top tech companies, as long as you know how to traverse a BST on a whiteboard. Personally, I believe that firmly. And that's why I'm done explaining to you peasants and back on my way to that six-figure package.
LingLing: "Dude how could you afford that big-ass yacht? That thing is like $2 million!"
Vihaan: "Oh I just leetcoded a bunch of dynamic programming and Amazon begged me to be their project leader. They're paying me $1 mil a year and I can't even do shit."
by Xi the Genius January 28, 2020
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The stereotypical software developer that subsists on grinding Leetcode and memorizing how to do algorithms for interviews rather than write their own projects. Usually lacks passion for programming and just does it for that cash.
Hey, did you see that Leetcode greaser got asked a question in an interview that they didn't memorize? Yeah, bummer man...
by H&skell_Gigachad April 23, 2021
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