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A five-frame animation of the anime Bleach character Orihime Inoue spinning a leek with a 26-second excerpt of the Finnish folk "Ievan Polkka" song by Loituma playing in the background, in an infinite loop.
If Leekspin had a spin counter, I'd be well over a million spins by now.
by Ectoplasm On Toast June 22, 2006
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A hugely addictive flash clip which plays on a loop. Features a non-sensical Finnish folk song, the Ievan Polka by the band Loituma. A happy little anime girl has the starring role, spinning the leek. Also features a handy counter so you know exactly how many hours you have been hypnotised by the madness for.

Ia tsu-tsa, parivikkai vailan,
Tikkai villan titstandum!
L'laa dipi depi della ruppathi rupiran,
Kuriikan kukkaja kirikango!

Hra-tsa-tsa, ia ripi-dapi dilla
Barits tad dillan deh lando.
Aba rippadta parip parii
Ba ribi, ribi, ribiriz den teahlando.

Ia barillaz dillan deiallou,
Ara va reve-reve revydyv dyvjavuo:
Bariz dah l'llavz dei lando,
Dabaoke dagae dagae due due dei ia do.
"I got high last night and watched 'leekspin' for 6 hours and 43 minutes straight"
by mmmerangue February 27, 2007
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