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The best last name to have in the whole wide world. If you have this last name you are usually pretty fucking awesome. Many people try to spell it with an "s" rather than a "z". If you spell it with an "s" consider yourself gay. End of story.
"OMG there's that Ledezma chick!"

"Yeah she's pretty fucking awesome. I wish I had her last name!"

"Dude I know but, not many people have that last name, only the most awesomenest kids ever!!"
by Ledezma January 30, 2009
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a notorious Venezuelan drug lord who is currently hiding in Orange County; he is known for his ability to secretly follow students without being caught; he is currently the supplier of many substances for kids
Yoooo, I just saw ledezma following me
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by Johnnyremmell October 05, 2018
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