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A boy or man who’s so French he makes baguettes look Japanese. This person is extremely talented and holds a special spot in many people’s lives. Their penis is usually the tastiest thing in the world, even better than baguette. They are usually either medium height or short, but that never stops them from achieving their goals.
Sexy Girl 1: Damn I want to smash Leandre so badly!
Sexy Girl 2: IKR! I just want to chop his penis off, make it into sushi and savor it!
Leandre: O_O
by YumForYourBum January 08, 2018
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A female name. Leandre's will often love giraffes, mainly because they attract the kind of guy who isn't long in the neck, or anywhere else for that matter, so they are compensating. Sporty, friendly, hard working and just a bit on the nose.
Leandre: Wow, look at how long that giraffes neck is. I wish my man had something that long.
by Paetter February 04, 2010
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