Ryan: Everything seems to fall apart and work like shit.
Rod: Well, Ryan, it's lean.
by Gen-tailia June 16, 2011
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cough syrup especially one that contains a narcotic such as codiene or hydrocodone
One of the most popular ones is called tussionex which contains hydrocodone which is the same drug in vicodin and lorcet
I'm sippin' syrup 'cause I love the lean
by Shaggee January 29, 2005
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After smoking a few joints and hitting a couple of bongs:

'man, I am really lean'
by goldminegutted September 12, 2012
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A drink which is mostly consumed by rappers, this drink is mostly made up of Codeine cough syrup, sprite, and jolly ranchers. This drink is known to make people very drowsy and high. Don't do drugs kids, seriously, don't.
Yo, i got a pint of lean you gotta pay to get it
by DONTDODRUGSKIDS November 16, 2017
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Commonly used when describing somebody as being 'lean as a bean.'

Basically, wen somebody is really stoned
Emanuelle: "O dear we've smoked far too much green 2nite"
Michaela: "I know Emanuelle, I'm soooo lean"
Emanuelle: "Ye ur a lean bean!"
by liza lizelli November 28, 2006
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A mix of perscrition codiene cough syrup,vodka, sprite or soda of your choice, milk of magnesia, and jolly ranchers.
A trend that came out of the H-Town(Houston,TX.)

Drink and listen to chopped and screwed music. RIP DJ Screw
I'm still sippin lean, I'm still watchin "Scream"
-The Way We Ball-Lil Flip
by Mikie D March 22, 2005
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