typically a purple drank that is put in a double cup. rappers trippie redd, juice wrld, lil pump, and smokepurpp sip it. mostly dranken by 14 year old stoners who think getting wasted is fun,
bro i heard luke drank lean in the bathroom

what a fucken stoner, he probably still litsens to molly by lil pump

probably lol
by pp succers November 05, 2019
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Something that makes you lil pump
Maaaaaaan Ima bouta get high off some Lean aand fuc dat ho
by Bigboybilly95 March 21, 2018
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A drink that is made when cough syrup is mixed with soda. It's mostly purple.
Drug addict: want some lean man?
Some dude: what's that?
Drug addict: cough syrup mixed with soda.
Some dude: no thank you.
by I don't care if I offended you September 25, 2019
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