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A very well written but somewhat twisted British comedy. Set in a town in the North, the show contains over 70 individual characters played by but 3 actors. Watch it now.
by Penisman November 30, 2003
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Amazingly written but rather twisted british comedy.
Set in the town Royston Vasey with a subtly placed slogan on the sign which reads "Welcome to Royston Vasey, You'll Never Leave"
known for its strange resident local shop keepers Tubs and Edward...that have given birth to 'David' something that lives in the attic of their local shop. The local shop is only for local people and has become one of the most popular quotes from the show.
Also home to a transvestite taxi driver and owner of the 'Babs Cabs'
my favourite character is the travelling circus freak and door-to-door peg salesman Papa Lazarou.
He and his 'freaks' travel round asking if 'Mama Lazarou' can use the toilet, then barges into the homes of unsuspecting housewives home alone, calling them Dave along with most other people. He wont take no for an answer when repeatedly told that no Dave llives there.
He speaks in jibberish to his 'wife' and upon asking for the frightened housewife's wedding ring quotes the infamous line "You're my wife now"
The league of gentlemen or LOG as its affectionally called between my friends and i is one of the best and weirdest comedies to come out of Britain in recent years.
"Are you...local?"
"I've only been taking these hormones a week and me nipples are like bullets!"
"Hello Dave?....You're my wife now"
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A piece of twisted british genius from four oddly likeable guys. Not to be confused with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which sucked.

see also:
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Mark Gatiss
Reece Shearsmith
there's a League of Gentlemen film in the works. It WON'T have Sean Connery in it.
by Atari April 06, 2004
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