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When a seemingly mutually beneficial and functional relationship is cut off by one party without good reason.
Mike: Hey man, what happened with you and Sally? It seemed like you guys were a good couple.

Chris: She LeBron'd me. I didn't even see it coming!
by FrankTheSharkTank July 28, 2010
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My best friend totally Lebron'd me last night, when I found out he slept with my wife, and bought my kids ice cream.
by ClevStmr69 July 09, 2010
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when someone publicly humiliates and embarrasses their hometown on primetime national television or any other mass media
1. Did you hear what Adam just said about Seattle? They just got LeBron'd!
by clemmon19 July 10, 2010
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When some one who is close to you and you have known for a while makes a decision that completely ruins the relationship in mere seconds.
Tim: When Seth won the lottery I knew he would give me a cut of the money.

Seth: Tim who????

Larry: Damn, Tim got Lebron'd.
by kimbo slice aka ed hardy July 08, 2010
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To choke under pressure at the times when it matters despite enormous potential.
Wiz kid Billy, Lebron'd his SATs so despite being class valedictorian, he will be attending State College.
by DelonteAndRashard June 20, 2011
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le-bron-d ex: Cleveland just got LeBron'd.
1.To abandon.
2. To leave behind in turmoil or chaos-Related forms.

-Synonyms: abandon, walk out, forsake, leave behind.
1. To Lebron, verb ex: Damn why would you Lebron her like that?
2. LeBron totally LeBron'd Cleveland and went to Miami.
by D-Gro! July 21, 2010
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LeBron'd ( adj.) ( n.):
1. Meaning to vacate a position or status of locality for one that is more lucrative and full of theatrics; cowardly betrayal;a homegrown disloyalty.
2. Leaving for more money and better scenery; particularly those near the ocean.
3. Quick and shameful evacuation from the scene after a friend/ teammate has an intimate experience with a member of your family.
4. Get someone's hope up and heartlessly let them down; disingenuous interest.
John Calipari ( collegiate basketball coach) LeBron'd the University of Memphis for the better basketball pedigree at the University of Kentucky.

After his world-wide press conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, New jersey Nets, and Chicago Bulls were all Lebron'd by "king James.
by LarryLegend July 09, 2010
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