A Lazy cat is used to describe lazy people who are usually messy, "sick", and offensive.
Mom: Michele, please clean your room.

Michele: FINE! *put the empty coke can in the freezer* Okay! I'm done!

Mom: *sigh* You are such a LAZY CAT!
by dictionarymaster7576 February 25, 2011
A slang word used to use on someone who is lazy and is a massive procrastinator
Tyler is always slugging around and never does his homework. He's such a lazy cat!
by skorox May 3, 2016
A particularily sticky, viscous turd that, when falling out of your cornhole, also brought some hairs with it. These hairs appear as though they are whiskers on the turd, making your shit appear to be a lazy, brown cat.
Holy shit! I just took a sick dump, defintely an LBC
by Jared March 21, 2005