To become so delusional that you begin to believe in your own lies
(to do a Lavrov)
"We don't plan on invading any other country, just like we didn't invade Ukraine" - dude 1
"Bro is he serious?!?" - dude 2
"Nah he's just doing a Lavrov" - dude 3
by tooomh March 11, 2022
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Another term for unisex bathroom. Named after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complaining about gender-neutral toilets in Sweden.
I went to use the Lavrov in the lobby to pass some Santorum.
by Cixadren December 14, 2022
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a pathological liar, Russian minister of foreign affairs under Putin.
For Sergey Lavrov being a pathological liar is a congenital medical condition. He however, isn't delusional and certainly doesn't believe in his own lies.
by Sexydimma March 14, 2022
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To tell lies shamelessly
She says she didn't kill him, but the detective knows she's lying like Lavrov.

He lied like Lavrov, he's forgotten the truth.

If you're going to stand in my pantry and lie like Lavrov, go somewhere else.
by jmill666 April 6, 2022
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