Hes a Man with a nice smyle and the girls loves him he fucks around 20 girls with hes long schlong.he loves big bootys (schlong) (sex) (booty)
"I dont want to lose you laurin"
by Yoour mooom January 3, 2017
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Laurin is a very beautyfull person. Who catches every girl. He is also good in bed. He cares for his friend‘s and helps his friends to solve their Problems. Laurin is loyal and he never ever cheat on a girl. His love is very big and he cares on his girlfriend. He would kill for his girlfriend
Girl1; Do you see him this beautyfull guy?
Girl2; Yes of course!
Girl1; Who is this?
Girl2; Thats laurin he is so cute!
by Halo4589 January 9, 2019
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is not only a girls name
"I am hyped to see if this new girl named Laurin is hot"
"uuhh its a boy"
by DXTR_13 April 30, 2020
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Sweet and beautiful always hugs and cares for others has a bright and shinning spirit and makes friends where ever she goes and when she loves she loves hard even though she has trust issues she keeps a small circle she's also brave and very smart and is one of a kind
Laurin is a special person
by Theusmcwife December 20, 2016
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Laurin is a really pretty person. She’s confident and has trust issues. She’s a badass. And doesn’t fuck aurond when it comes to her friends. She love animals and love being aurond people. She makes friends were ever she goes. She’s really nice and playful. When it comes to relationships Laurin can be freaky,nice,funny and a lovable person. EVERYONE loves Laurin. She’s also really thick. Every guys loves her. She’s also really good with jokes
Laurin is the most nicest person on earth.
by L.A.Q December 5, 2017
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someone who is absolutely amazing and would stand up for someone if they needed it. they love animals and being loved by animals. on the other hand, they have trouble getting relationships but are extremely good looking despite being alone.
Laurin is so hot but i don’t know if she’d like me...
by igiveupwithtryingforausername September 29, 2017
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