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(Noun) Another word for an orgasm. Pronounced Lay-ton. Sounds like Satan with an L.
Girl: That guy gave the best Laton I've ever had. I squirted!!
by TheSatanPogo December 30, 2014
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Laton, CA is a very small town in the Central Valley, right by Hanford and Riverdale. In Laton there are more stray mutts roaming than an Indian reservation. Laton is half western families, and the other half Mexicans, most of which are wannabe gang bangers. They are slowly trying to take over the town. The best thing about laton is the Laton Rodeo which is a kick ass time once a year.
Have you ever been to laton?

Ya, I went for the rodeo. It was bad ass but there are so many ugly ass dogs running around.
by Dgaf October 21, 2013
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