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One who is inordinately enraged by the casual use of "strict" terms (like "charcoal" and "propane"), hangs out with "the guys" and rarely has sex with his lawful wife.

Is also unusually interested in, um, tools, power tools, his personal tool shed, drives a powerful (ie. penis) pick up truck

Above all, evinces a woman's sensitivity to mundane things such as the clothes his child wears, the hat his "buddy" wears.

Almost always: an anal-retentive type.
Hank Hill, a latent homosexual who fits all of the above and more. His constant desire for "meat, perfectly grilled" is also interesting.

He also has a distinct fear of the female body and its functions.
by JstLuvTxs September 27, 2010
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Someone who is in denial of their extreme gayness, and refuses to come out of the closet, one who is often flaming and conflicted with their strict, right-wing religious roots.
Wow, Bob sure is a Latent Homosexual. What a poofter! He should just give it up and go smoke some bone.
by Joeblow146 December 04, 2008
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