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A Lateefah is a beautiful, kind, and loving girl who knows how to please people. She acts like a guy to be respected but she couldnt be more girly in the end. When she says she likes you she means it so dont take advantage of her. Gaining her trust is very rare because shes been lied to alot. If you date or marry a lateefah you will be so blessed. She can do so much and more. Not to mention how sexy her curves are and how good in bed she is. If she is treats you different from the others or mocks you then shes into you. If you ever get a lateefah never let her go, shes like no other
Whys she so nice, oh its a Lateefah.
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by Mannylanny November 25, 2018
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A fat cow


Photo Creds by : Pablo
Immaculate MOOOO!!!
@Mantz_xo : BITCH
Wow yuh stink

NASA needs to work on that (yuh space out teet)
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Lateefah is a fat ass cow and she eats shit and is a catfish when they see her spacious teeth they get sucked in instantly not even the great Pablo survived her (the drug dealer)
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by kattywiddafatty August 02, 2018
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