Any time in the past, from 1 second to millions of years previous.
Daddy didn't we walk the dog lastertime?

Did the Egyptians build that pyramid lastertime?
by AnnaBannanna January 10, 2008
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Lastertime- (n.) a non-specific referrence to the last time something happened or the last time you or a group of people did something in the recent past. syn. see Yestertime (etymology: North America, yr. 2000- Allegra Davis a small child invented the word from yesterday, last-time and yesteryear mix)
"Remember, lastertime you told me I could ride on the tractor with you."

"You said lastertime that I could get a toy when we came back here"

"Lastertime I updated my resume, I think I added that."
by Captclam July 27, 2006
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