Fuck Fuck Fuck you're not shooting the right eye,
No no no it's the bird licknig its feathers upside down,
Lol n00b you don't have thousand voices,
must be light level 1,000,000 to join my fireteam
Guy 1: You done last wish yet man?
Guy 2: I'll be president of the U.S before I finish Last Wish
by RootinTootinVladimirPutin September 16, 2018
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Dude #1: damn, I can't decide between the Orb Hunter or Regulator's Nephew.
Dude #2: Nah man, Sampson's Last Wish is the cut to get.
by widget master September 30, 2020
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oikawas last wishes is a fanfic by DanaiaCake originally from the anime haikyuu. as the name says it’s about oikawa and iwaizumi.

it will make you sob for HOURS and weeks after you finished it. it will forever scar your heart.
a: have you read oikawas last wishes yet? it’s really good.
b: no. i choose happiness.
by gojō satoru May 6, 2021
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1:30:41 is a time stamp in the movie Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, quoting

Kitty:“I hate to say it, but should we make a wish?”
Puss: “Kitty, one life spent with you is all that I could wish for.”
Showing how one will use their one and only wish to spend their whole life with someone they care and love.
Person1: What is a quote you really relate to?
Person2: Puss In Boots: The Last Wish 1:30:41
Person1: What?
Person2: I would wish for a life with you
by MarbledBeef June 6, 2023
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