Number 12 of Organization XIII
Also known as the "Apathetic Princess"

The only female member and the "Apathetic Princess", Larxene, conspires with Marluxia to overthrow Organization XIII by using Sora to achieve their ends. She is an arrogant sadist in nature, abrasive and uncaring for the feelings of others as she enjoyed seeing them suffer with her mindgames. Larxene uses the element of thunder to fight and wields kunai held between her fingers as her weapons. Compared to the other members, she is incredibly agile in battle.

In her first encounter with Sora, she flips Marluxia's plans into high gear when she attacks Sora and turns the luck charm into a shape of a star different from Kairi's. The act fully replaces Kairi in Sora's memories with Naminé. After the battle, Larxene mocks Sora, claiming he's trying to "play" the hero. The trust Marluxia and Larxene place in Axel proved to be a mistake when he derails their plans by setting Naminé free. Naminé reveals to Sora that the Organization has been using him since he stepped into Castle Oblivion. Larxene appears to Sora, after he fought the Riku Replica for the fourth time, to destroy them all. Again, Larxene mocks Sora for "chaining" himself to false memories of Naminé and the "promise" he made to her. The taunt proves fatal, as Sora attacks with Donald and Goofy aiding him. Sora kills Larxene, leaving only two members of the Organization in Castle Oblivion for him to deal with.

In the Chain of Memories manga, there is a library in the upper area of Castle Oblivion where Larxene spends most of her time reading a book entitled Marquis de Sade, which was named after the infamous french writer, who was the namesake of sadism.

She is voiced by Rieko Katayama in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
Larxene, much like the other characters from Chain of Memories, are only included in one cutscene and a journal entry in Kingdom Hearts II.
by Jusan Kikan February 3, 2006
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Female character from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The only female in Organization XIII. Someone who didn't deserve to die, due to her awesomeness and non-Mary-Sueness.
She wields kunai knives and the element of thunder.
She is also often jokingly called "Sparky" and is compared to Pikachu and ants.
I just saw so many fanart pieces with Larxene as a Pikachu named Sparky!
by Dove's Touch September 9, 2006
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The most attractive character in the Kingdom Hearts video games.
Larxene is totally hot, bro-ham!
by Micheal Eisner July 14, 2010
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