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A nice shaped teenager with perfect figure nice loyal and fun to be around cause she funny and won't take no shit from nobody will speak her mind and have some issue but is gorgeous asfk and will get bigger at waist n booty in teenager years and will keep a relationship faithful and is a baddie n can dress
Laneaya I'm in love with you cause you a baddie n faithful
by Laneaya January 25, 2016
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Beautiful funny caring unique name shy great dancer cares for other mean when she wants to be slefish of whats her dont like sharing. Nonemotions dont care bout alot very generousness great sense of humor 💕a bit of a headache but youll learn to love her because the way she is
I love laneaya because her great personality.

Laneaya is so mean yet funny
by Laneaya January 05, 2017
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