An ambiguous reference to a physical attribute of the opposite sex.
You were sitting on the steps outside a shop and you were very helpful.
Thank you for giving such awesome directions. And your "landmarks" helped too
by musical robot December 12, 2011
A tagging that will probably never be buffed.
tagging like a high place or concrete spot that won't get painted over
by MISTERI March 10, 2005
A place so obsess and with its own reputation that it bluntly violate freedom of expression and dissimulates every problem the college has.
Landmark College actually calling up urban dictionary to take off the previous definition.

Tuition could be better spent!
by shuuch December 19, 2009
The city-specific landmarks used when giving directions. Urban landmarks differ from suburban and country landmarks such as large rocks, churches, farms and wishing wells.

Urban landmarks are frequently alive and a bit trickier to follow than those in the country as they may move on occasion. Typically, urban landmarks are taken from the underbelly of society and city living and may include junkies, hookers and very drunk college students.
After dropping her off at her apartment, she said it would be easy to find our way back to the highway if we looked for the ready-to-puke guy on the stoop, the angry, yelling yuppie and the junkie passed out at the intersection along with other urban landmarks we noticed along the way.
by CapeMag September 22, 2010
A cult spawned from Scientology that recruits unsuspecting children and adults into brainwashing seminars designed to make them pay for more seminars and recruit more children and adults.
Landmark Education is a cult... Seriously! Google it!
by Landmarkian August 24, 2009
is a personal training and development company which offers educational programs in approximately 115 locations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Landmark Education delivers its courses primarily to individuals in a group settings
Landmark Education has been criticized by some for being overzealous in encouraging people to participate in its courses.
by the1withdieas February 28, 2011
A girl you hooked up with but only remember by a person or place.
Bro, remember that girl I was with last night at Bods? I ended up hooking up with her in the park down the street after we left but I can't remember her name?? Dude, she's a Landmark Girl, that's how you'll have to remember her.
by gthomps July 5, 2016