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1. A fee charged for instruction at a school or university.

2. Teaching: instruction, especially when given individually or in a small group.
Like private schools or home teaching, tuition is charged. It isn't for free.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
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1. An imaginary number invented by college administrators to inspire fear in middle-class parents and new students.

2. An enormous fee that automatically rises at 3 times the rate of inflation.

3. The catch-all term for huge sums of money that young pepole start paying at age 18 or 19. Payments usually continue for the next 10-20 years.
College President: "What should Tuition be next year?"

Comptroller: "Let's me see... $38,000 has a nice ring to it. Of course, we always tack on another $6,000 in fees just for fun, not to mention mandatory health insurance and thost textbooks that cost $100 a pop."

College President: "Can we make it $39,000?"

Comptroller: "Why not? Works for me!"
by Peter Kobs February 12, 2010
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The price you pay for an instructor to spoon feed you information that can be found for free at the library or an online search because people are too lazy to go do it themselves. On the introductory level , power points are usually used , which are made by the publisher so the lazy instructor can have more time to go home and watch porn and eat chips during his supposedly "valuable time". Tuition prices can be astronomical, which sadly are on the rise to only allow the insanely wealthy to attend the lectures, and the poorer people having to work at Taco Bell.
Typical College Student: Man I cannot miss today's lecture, it is going to be important and I need to take lots and lots of notes, omg!

Smart Bystander: You are not missing anything, you are wasting your time sitting in the class when you can just read the textbook at home. The textbook has better "notes" in it then you will ever be able to take. You totally wasted your money on college tuition.
by TbagT August 12, 2013
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