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A name girls give to the top target in a group of guys. The cool, calm, sexy, romantic hunk of the crowd. The guy at the party that us girls will always have on our radar, and will do anything it takes to sink our teeth into.
Alright girls, there's has to be at least one Landin in the crown tonight. May the best girl win!

This dance sucks. There isn't a Landin anywhere in sight! Lets try Jessica's party down the street.
by AshleyJesMariaCarie January 07, 2009
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Landin is the best person u would ever meet loves to play baseball and other sports very athlatic and like to stay fit and likes to make people laugh and have fun he is the coolest person ever
Landin is the best at baseball
by Savage12345678theman123 November 30, 2017
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Tall stoner looking kid, has long hair, wears only addidas slides and basketball shorts. Obsessed with Slavic culture and brags about his autistic accents he tries to do. Claims to be german and related to a nazi soldier. Claims to have had many sexual experiences, but no one really knows if they actually happened. Lives in a trailer park and is proud of it. Spouts random autism in school hallways. He's a good guy though.
That landin boi is so damn annoying
by ChaddehBoii August 11, 2018
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Very ugly , gross and a perv. Also most of the time gay and only goes for straight guys.
Not again landin is hitting on that straight guy.
by Whjebebwnwn February 13, 2017
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