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City in Pasco County, Florida.
Quiet, calm town with very little crime.
Land O Lakes, Nudist, Not butter, North of Tampa, US41 nr SR54
by Charleylol August 31, 2007
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A podunk, redneck town located in central Florida. Just like the butter, but not as slippery.

Also home to the world infamous Flapjack Festival!
Land O Lakes, we got a rec center!
by donutsrox April 03, 2006
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A)the act of buttering someone else ass

B) refering also to the phrase buttering someones biscuit
What are u gonna do tonight im gonna land 'o' lake megan fox so hard
by nicances caldarro July 03, 2009
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a town in central Florida, near Tampa that has two high schols. Sunlake; the ghetto school and Land O Lakes high, a redneck school. Featured in an episode of the simple life, where Paris and Nicole come to one of our many nudist resorts.
Bob(from Lutz): what are you wearing on casual friday?
Jim(From Land O Lakes): NOT A THING!
by ursulabear October 12, 2008
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A stupid little redneck town in central Florida full of southeners and assholes. Theyre are 2 high schools. One is great, the other sucks badly. You decide which one. Sure, theyre are a few decentish people, but in general, this place is a shit-hole full of potheads and redneck old pople that will stare you down from out of their truck blasting Tim McGraw as you walk down the street. If you are reading this and just happen to live here, leave and never come back. You might just get shot by the jerk who hunts out of hunting season, or might get run over by an f-150
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Background: Greasy butter from U of D

Definition: When going down on a girl, pull a stick of butter out of pocket (or some other hiding place). Next, shove the stick of butter in the vaginal cavity. Upon insertion, yell "Land O'Lakes bitch," and promoptly prop your foot over the vaginal cavity while holding the girl's two legs. Continue to hold until the butter is completely melted.
"Yo dude, last night was so crazy. I got so drunk, and I think I gave that wench Doris a Land O'Lakes."
by Bren Donohue December 13, 2004
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This is an extremly ugly girl whos body looks so saggy it could melt faster than butter
Have you ever seen that girls who u just got to laugh at, you know that gothic girls who walks around starin at you in the corner. Or that white girls who trys to be black cuz she cant get a white dude because she to fat
by h May 13, 2004
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