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A misnomer commonly heard from un-hip parents and those of impaired hearing, stemming from the phrase "LAN party," where LAN stands for "Local Area Network." They often feature pizza and stimulants, such as sugar, caffeine, and guarana, can last upwards of 40 hours, and frequently cause participants to be dead to the world for a day or two afterward. See also: LAN Party.
Dad: "You kids all ready for your LAND PARTY tonight?"
Kids: <roll their eyes>
Dad: "What?"
Kids: "Hahaha, right, dad. We're ready off the LAND party. Just let me grab a CAND of coke, MAND. Are we taking the car or the VAND?"
by gjemmott March 15, 2009
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A computer party where people bring their own computer and moniter and link them up to play war games. Land parties usually involve lots of caffeine (and snacks) to be able to stay up all night. It usually ends up being a sleepover.
My older brother and his friends like to geek it out to the max and have a Land party while my parents are outta town.
by MarnieMichelle August 22, 2007
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A computer party where everyone byo's their own computers and you link them up to play war games. These parties are usually accompanied by some sort of mind altering drug such as trips and vast amounts of beer. This is more often than not a purely guy event and they can last up to twelve hours. Sometimes shortened to Lan Party or just Lan. Computer Land.
Hey lets score and have a Land Party tomorrow night. Its gunna be a bender, call they guys and tell them it's byo everything.
by Meegs April 27, 2007
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