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Lanayah is strong, beautiful and the most caring person in the world. She doesn't like to spend other peoples money... you can count on her to get what she wants if she wants it. She cares for other people by listening carefully, and able to bring a sad person up, and even make them laugh non-stop. If she has to she can and will keep to herself. Don't make her mad because there is no doubt she will punch you in the face. She doesn't let anyone say anything bad about her. She can take care of problems by herself. She is the only person that can make you feel better if you're sad or hurt. Lanayah doesn't like to stay inside on her laptop all the time, she much rather go do something. Maybe even party it up. Lanayah can eat anything she wants, because she's not afraid of food. You will fall in love with from the moment you see her. And feel deeply in love with her because of her personality. Layanah is, and always be the best person in the world... You can't find and never will get anything better than Lanayah.
If you see Lanayah, just tell her she's the most amazing person in the world... and I want to be with her!

Lanayah is so great! I just got back from a Wendy's with her!
by OrangeCocaCola January 12, 2013
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