a bad motherfucking bitch. Commonly referred to the singer who failed SNL.
Damn, that fine ass shawty looking like Lana Del Rey!!!!
by raynexx15 November 1, 2018

Used to describe beautiful, harmonious, peaceful and picturesque scenery and landscapes.
Norman Rockwell: Have you been down to Venice Beach?
Lizzy Grant: Yes I have! It's so Lana Del Rey vinyl!
by Gaebe Itch July 8, 2022
goddess. queen. women. beautiful music inspired by life and all its pleasures. the combination of accepting your fate of sadness and glorious old hollywood glamour. my talents are matched by no one.
lana del rey is simply the most amazing artist.
by lanaism121212 June 26, 2021
Spitting on your fans.
Following Lana Del Rey`s second concert cancellation in a row just a week before when it was supposed to be held as part of a Festival in Israel.
The official reason for the cancellation was due to the fact that she wanted to perform on the Palestinian side as well but couldn't arrange it (Yea, cause most Gazans usually listen to Lana Del Rey after attending mosque, yiishhh).
Dude, did you hear? Elton John just Lana Del Reyd his Greek fans removing his concert in Athens from the tour.

Man, yesterday's Metallica's concert was a total Lana Del Reying, they played for merely 60 minutes and didn't even come back for encore
by ronydimebag September 2, 2018
a gay who has lana del rey as his wallpaper on his phone. he contours his face and does his eyebrows. he considers himself liberal and open-minded, but is in fact a huge racist
oh my god, get a load of that lana del rey gay. he's like a southern belle in zachary quinto's body
by skaterdave April 10, 2016