a bitch who keeps delaying cocc for no reason
James: Did u hear the news about Lana Del Rey?
Anna: Ofc, she delayed her album again. 🙄
by T.S.04 November 4, 2020
To "Lana Del Rey" means to become a sugar baby, do drugs with and dedicate your life to a man or woman much older than yourself. This can be used for both men and women.
"Look at this cute picture of Matthew Gubler!"
"I would Lana Del Rey for him, I swear."
by lucy-motherfucker April 11, 2020
the best mf singer ever aw
me: have you listened to lana del rey yet??
stranger: uhm no-?
me: *slaps*
by georgeweasleyswhore March 17, 2021
God, mother/creator of anything and everything, our queen, my mom.
Person one: who are you listens too?
Person two: Lana del rey
Person one: whose that?
Person two: you seriously don’t know who Lana mfing del rey is? Get the fuck away from me
by Girl boss moment March 22, 2021