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A Remote Administration Tool, better known as spyware, made by Lenovo. It has a nasty habit of tricking schools into trusting it, only for it to embed into signed-in Google Chrome sessions, making it impossible to remove, while it stores everything you type and search. Easily circumvented by disconnecting from the internet.
LanSchool is on, I can see what you are doing.
by BlazeFrag_ October 24, 2017
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A Software that is "supposed" to track students history during School so they catch them in the act of going to an "inappropriate" website or webpage, or just simply fucking Google. It's most trusted, however, it's considered to be an advantage to Malicious or Spyware hackers, since it is traced with a keylogger. So they can easily track passwords, information, and other things that you don't want to be accessed by anyone other than you. So really, it's just a computer program that defeats the purpose of the Internet. It's very easy to get caught since they can literally see your fucking screen. Again, they can track every single goddamn thing you type, every single website you visit, and every single thing you DO on said website. I'm surprised that this is what Schools have to resort to. Considering the fact that what the kids do on computers can't be tracked all at once, and everyone is just doing the same thing. and lo and behold, LanSchool was created!
Mark: I hear the school installed LanSchool on all the computers
Jane: Oh shit
Teacher: *Writes Discipline Referral*
by TheGayAccount August 01, 2018
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