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Quite possibly the coolest/best school in the nation. Home to the most amazing people ever, LMS is quite envied by it's rival schools, Cario and Moultrie. The kids at this school are comedy gold, smart as hell, pretty damn good lookin, cooler than...anyone, the nicest people you'll ever meet, the best partiers around, fresh till death, fly till they die, and are just amazing in general. All the kids at Laing- cheerleaders, jocks, skaters, partiers, towne center junkies, nerds, good-goodies, surfers, islanders, rednecks, country boys, tomboys, girly girls, football players, ballers, comedians, weirdos, crazy kids, etc. all combine in the end to make one big ass family, for a pretty smal lschool. They bleed maroon and black, and represent like no other. The teachers at this school are AMAZING, and their band/orchestra wins 1st at every competition. This place is just epic. Their sports teams are too fly for haters to hate them.

"Throw dirt on us and grow a wild flower"
LMS <3
Laing Middle School-legendary.
by FMdog10 March 11, 2011
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