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A hawaiian slang word for disgusting tinge of color affecting specific skin areas (usually thighs,neck, and butt crack) which appears blackish in color.
Boy #1 "you seen that ghetto iced out lady?"
Boy #2 "yups, she had some critical lafa between those thighs."
by Hawaiianslang April 14, 2009
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originally from the hispanic word "La Familia", counter-strike clan made by Acapella.
Starting 5:
LaFa * Acapella
LaFa * Aftermath
LaFa * t key
LaFa * eYeballa
LaFa * wEak
Team LaFa just beat turmoil 3 times on de_inferno and de_cpl_mill, twice!
Team LaFa went undefeated 27-0 scrims against cal-o, cal-im, cal-m, cal-p, and cal-i.
by tkey October 07, 2008
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She’s a beautiful girl , tall and has a beautiful face and tan she also knows her ways and knows what she’s doing . She can be nice at some point and at the most point idek . She’s also funny and not shy at all
by Yungbaby January 19, 2019
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