A Laeticia is a wonderful person. Always extremely kind and funny. You are very lucky if you have a Laeticia as a close friend. She’s also very sensitive. The type of person who digs deep into other people’s words, overthinking about what they said. Internally and emotionally weak. Don’t piss a Laeticia off. She might never come back.
Person: “Laeticia, you can’t date that person he’s ugly!”

Laeticia *squints her eyes and finds the real definition of this*
by TikTokSuckMeCock March 27, 2019
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Laticia is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She is the easiest person to talk to. She will make you laugh till you piss you pants. Laeticia can be scary at times. She is so fine and all the boys love her. She is beautiful and an overall wonderful girl!🥰
A Laeticia also likes to eat ass, and they're the best !!
Guy one:hey did you she that girl?

Guy two:yeah she is beautiful!

Guy one: she must be a Laeticia
by Lordtitou January 5, 2022
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Laeticia is the most caring person in the world, she has a beautiful smile and a very long hair ,most people call her "reponzel"
She's the most fashionable girl in the town...
A great friend and girlfriend, very romantic and a sweet girl, A goddess but not everyone can see her real charm
Man1 : did you saw that girl? She's so beautiful
Man2 : she must be Laeticia then
by Crunshii November 22, 2021
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A Laeticia is a person (usually Indonesian) who isn't afraid to make friends with anybody. She is outgoing, romantic and lots of people hate her as she can be annoying. She does brilliant in her work without even having to work hard. She's gorgeous and every guy wants her. She has near to black hair and eyes with a very wide mouth for kissing
If somebody went up to somebody random and said hello and made 'friends' with them (really just talked to them and kind of forced them to talk to her/him) you would say "mate you totally just did a Laeticia" or if a guy pulled a hot girl he would say "mate, I pulled a Laeticia last night!"
by 12345james67890 March 9, 2014
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