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Arabic name meaning Night.

An extremely beautiful girl, usually with dark hair and stunning big eyes. She is liked by everyone and is popular. She is amazing. She has many friends, and she is the best friend anyone could have. She would do anything for her friends. She is a loving nice person who knows how to have fun. She is daring. She is perfection. She has crazy dance moves, and is always smiling and knows how to make people laugh, and laughs a lot too. She is a great person to be around, and likes being in a loving atmosphere. She is also very very sexy. She really has a rare beauty. She has also been through a lot, but no one knows. She is the girl you want to know and be. She is the girl with the looks and the brains but only if she knew.

A popular Eric Clapton song about a secret love, and how she has many guys that are crazy about her.
Wow, that girl is perfect she must be a Laela.
by hdhdhebdudbdj July 02, 2014
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