A term for a woman's vagina that isn't completely disgusting (Like minge/gash/clunge/pussy).
Annes: Her skirt is so short you can almost see her Lady Jane!
Sara: Oh yeah, she should get some clothes on!
by SosbanFach December 9, 2010
A discrete way of calling a girl a whore.
"Hey, check out that Lady Jane."
by Rackis September 4, 2011
When a man performs oral sex on a girl and she queefs in his face
So I was going down on this girl and she fully pulled a Lady Jane! I can still taste it.
by Miniman659 February 7, 2015
"You wanna smoke with lady jane, tonight?"
by guruwords October 19, 2011
A men’s salon that’s disguised as a brother. Girls who got rejected from working at Hooters or Lovers Lane work here because they are butter faces.

What, Kenigga?

Did you see that guy go into Lady Janes? He was carrying a White Claw and looking for a happy ending!
by Dontask1092 September 26, 2019