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Ladera Heights is a "hidden" neighborhood for really rich black people. Houses are mostly owned by doctors, lawyers, and other working and wealthy African American people. It's normal term is "The Heights" but lots of people also call it "The Black Brentwood". Kids that come from Ladera Heights are said to be snobby although there are many kids that come from there that aren't too snobby. The reason it is called "hidden" is because most people have never heard of the neighborhood.
"Welcome to Ladera Heights. The wonderful world of affluent African Americans. But keep it quiet, or else white people will come back to the neighborhood and try to take everything! Just say you live in Culver City!"
by L.A.girl June 09, 2009
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Ladera Heights is a very rich neighborhood filled with tons of rich black people that don't know what to do with their money. If you are black and live in Ladera Heights, you probably don't even send your children to any school besides places like Brentwood, Marlborough, Archer, Loyola Maramount, and Harvard Westlake. You will mostly see these people hanging out in places like Brentwood and Bel Air. Even if some of them claim their houses aren't large. Don't believe them. They tend to want to believe that they are average black people, when if fact, the arent.
Ladera Heights Dad: Hey, Honey!
L.H. Mom: How was work?
L.H. Dad: Normal. Hey guess what? We are a million dollars richer! Again!
L.H. Mom: Oh yes! I have to go tell Shaquisha.
L.H. Dad: Who's that?
L.H. Mom: I don't know, I just thought it would make me seem more black.
L.H. Dad: Ha! Let's go spend money our spoiled children!
by 2tight4uBailey September 20, 2008
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"Ladera heights--basically the black Beverly Hills. If you live here, and you're black, you have it going on. The only thing wrong with these people is they never spend alot of money on clothes...I mean, the parents work their asses off and when they come home their whinny little kids say that they need to make a trip to the mall to buy the latest "skinny jeans" or whatever the trend is and they spend like 40 dollars on a pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters instead of waisting 200 dollars on True Religions...cause they're pimpin' like that.
"I'm home!" yells BlackLawyerMom.
"Mommy! I want to go buy clothes!" yells OreoGirl
"But dear, we just bought you that dress last week."
"Okay, I'll get the nanny!"
"But I don't want to spend alot on clothes, I'd much rather spend my money on my new computer and iPod."
"GAWSHERS I'M SPOILED!" says OreoGirl as she prances out of her Ladera Heights home.
by Kate_dabazomb August 22, 2007
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