A very gorgeous girl who girl want to have and girl want to be. She thinks she is ugly when others think she is amazing. She is smart. She will say what's on her mind. But when she stops talking and she is quiet there something wrong and you should check on her. She doesnt talk about her emotions and will not tell you when things are wrong. She shy when she wants to be. She doesn't care what people thing of her. She tough and strong. A good friend and an amazing person. Shes really funny and lovable. If you have her keep her you wont find many people like her
Guy: omg Lacie is so gorgeous.
Guy 2: yeah.
by Lacoe89 November 27, 2018
A sexy,confident and sassy girl a Lacie is someone who is strong a girl who other girls get jealous of and a girl who guys wanna get with without a lacie you are a loner
โ€œI need Lacieโ€
by Emma Jenkings March 13, 2018
A girl who is confused within herself. Who has been through a lot. Who tries to make everyone else happy. And yet feels the saddest. Who falls in love to easily, yet gets hurt just as fast
Yea Lacie... I wish I could be there for her
An all around amazing girl. Faithfull, loving, and amazing. Is a beast in the sheets and on the streets. Runs her hood.
"Lacie is an amazing girl and I love her."
by Killapat December 31, 2010
A very understanding girl. She loves animals and kids sometimes. She usually falls for the guys with brown hair and taller than her that has a badass personality. Sheโ€™s a little petty when she wants to be but once you get to know her, youโ€™ll never want to let her out of your life.
Person 1: have you talked to lacie?

Person 2: no we havenโ€™t talked since our argument

Person 3: your screwed
by Wjshbsneiinsbs June 17, 2018
Super hot, super sweet nerdy skilled gamer chick that makes guys lose control of their joysticks.
by Fastrider0128 November 18, 2014
An absolutely perfect girl who's super sweet and all the girls want to be with
Man, that girl is such a Lacie, I wish she was mine..
by Moonlight Misfit August 14, 2018