He is tall has lots of friends never does his work hot sexy all the girls secreatly love him
Girl: Oh man look it’s Lachlan he mine
Girl 2: no we agreed on this he’s mine
Lachlan: hey girls
Girl 1 and 2 : ahhhhhhh
by A random baked bean February 13, 2018
Usually a short boy with a small dick. This name is for the whitest of white boys and is usually used for kids with a shitty past and future.
Do you know that lachlan kid? The one with a small dick? Yeah that one
by Mia Enh November 7, 2019
Has a massive knob proper fit all round don
You seen Lachlan he’s got a cock the size of a bus he will do a Jhadi John in ya fanny
by Knob 123 May 29, 2020
A Guy that sells Jolly Rancher's and takes the best reflection photos on the planet.
Oh wow, If you need that just go to Lachlan.
by Whittonator April 3, 2019
Lachlan seems like a very chill person and has a amazing sense of humour, however he has a problem with buying Uber eats. he also likes to play tricks on people and play video games. he is also really good with technology and exploiting social media such as instagram been used to trick his mates into doing stuff that they will forever be made fun of for. Lachlan is also into sports usually starting with non team sports e.g karate or swimming but will participate and enjoy Team sports such as Basketball.
Jett: bro my wifi is so shit its not working i'm lagging so much
Ashton: You are probably been Dossed by Lachlan.
by ashton got catfished April 12, 2020
A big tall boi with a wang that’s super long he makes a good boyfriend faps of all the time doesn’t do his work wants to dick down his gf
Lachlan: hugs gf
by BigPPboi January 20, 2019
Lachlan is just the best person ever. Hes got a huge cock and lots of money and everyone wants to be him. There have been reports of people praying to lachlan instead of jesus.
Oh heavenly father, lachlan, please grant me the strength to slay puss and be a sick cunt.
by Definitelynotlachlan November 23, 2021