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A generally tall man with a great sense of humour. Always the life of a party and has a habit of cracking rude jokes. Lachi's are very loyal friends and once you are friends with them, you are friends for life. Lachi's are very honest people and cut straight to the point, they wont bullshit you.
A Lachi is a very good friend to have.
They are quite immature men, and are always up for a dare.
Girls love him, and many guys probably do too.

If you have a Lachi, never let him go.
Guy 1; Hey dude, go lick that trash cam

Guy 2; Ok! *licks trash can*

Guy 1; What the hell?! Gross!

Guy 2; I'm just doing a Lachi
by Unicorns are REAL! April 20, 2011
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