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LaLane is a funny girl. She usually loud and stands out from the rest. She loves being out doors even if she never goes outside. She has a warm personality. She has goals and tries to reach them. She's usually the first person to say "Oh! Let's go on that it looks scary and fun!". She's does alot of stuff in school and tries to be involded. She's caring and is a very sensitive girl. She goes though a lot in her life. She'll lose friends because people miss judge her but gain some because people took the time to get to know her. She also knows her stuff. She has a big heart but lowkey hates everyone. If you need her she'll listen. She's somehow always in drama but she always let's it go. And she's always has her eyes on one person.
"Oof who's that girl?" "Her? Oh! That's LaLane!"
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by That one girl💓 July 11, 2018
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