The Patriots; the governing agency operating in complete control behind the scenes of America's political facade. It is headed up by the Twelve Wisemen's Committee. They were the ones responsible for installing remote apps into the software patches (in supposed correction of the Y2K bug) distributed to all National, Municipal, and independant businesses and organizations. This was in planning for the control, filtering, manipulation, and censorship of all digital information that is presently shared nationwide. The media and politics are the toys they hand out, with which and by which all of America is entertained and dissolusioned.
How do you know our alphabet only has 26 letters? How do you know there weren't once more? How does one know whether "Gulf War Syndrome" was legitimate, or whether the shots the soliders were given contained certain genomic altercations? What have the Patriots told you?
by Grey Fox November 10, 2004
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Hidden codename for the Patriots in the Metal Gear Solid world. They're the secret rule in the United States, above the President.

The only people who "officially" know of the Patriots existence. These are usually the current President, James Johnson in this case, and his right-hand man (Richard Ames.) All former Presidents seem to of died, apart from the last one, President George Sears (Now known as Solidus Snake.) He was fully aware of the Patriots being a President, and when he got stripped of the title he formed a group called Dead Cell, to take on the Patriots, head on.

Soldiers in Metal Gear Solid are fitted with nanomachines. In MGS2 you find out that the Patriots themselves have edited these nanomachines, in the case of some 3rd party member who knows of the Patriots, the guy with the nanomachine will hear it as "La Le Lu Li Lo" instead of "Patriots" so it will make absolutely no sense. This is done in the hope of current soldiers not finding out about them.
President Johnson:
I don't have any control. The real power is in the Patriots' hands.

The La Li Lu Le Lo...?

President Johnson:
The truth behind this country... I'm not surprised you've never heard of them.
Very few are aware of their existence, even among those with codeword clearance.

by Stevie B the Bounty Hunter December 11, 2005
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The basic vowel pronunciation in the Japanese language. While famous for being an alias for the fictional organization named "The Patriots" in the futuristic espionage series Metal Gear Solid, it is originally the base for Japanese pronunciation. However, in Japanese, there is no L and the R is used in it's place as a cross between R and L, giving the R sound a slur effect.
Person 1: Ore wa neko wo tabeta! ( I ate a cat! )
Person 2: Nani!? Naze omae ga sutta ka! ( What!? Why did you do that!? )
Person 3: Nan da! Watashi wa zenbu no uma nomikonda. ( That's nothing! I swallowed a whole horse. )

la li lu le lo
by Shade 0 June 13, 2008
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