RUN!! La Migra is coming!!! #LaMigra
by La Migra General September 21, 2003
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1. Imagration police that have their eyes peeled for ilegal immigrants, mainly Mexicans.

2. If yelled in rapid succesion, it can be used to strike fear into the hearts of Mexicans, usually resulting in them running for the border.
1. *knocking at the door or barn*
Mexican1-Eh ese get the door.
Mexican2-Sure ese.
*opens door*
Migra-Put your h....
Mexican1-¡La migra La migra!¡Corre
Corre corre! ¡Ay AY AY AY AY!
Mexican2 - ¡Corre corre! ¡AY AY!
Mexican3 to Mexican87-¡MIERDA!¡Corre!
*Mexicans scatter in all directions*

2. Land Owner- Ok, that's enough
strawberry picking for today boys
Mexican- But we need over time
so we can support our families
LA MIGRA!!!!!!!
Mexican- ¡¿Donde?! ¡Corre corre!
Mexican2- ¡Corre para la frontera,
Corre para tu vida!! (Run for the
border, run for your life)
*dozens of mexicans migrate as fast
as possible back to Mexico*
by Pene Grande June 8, 2005
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(informal) sustantivo femenino (México) the immigration police
RUN!! La Migra is coming!!! #LaMigra
by La Migra General September 21, 2003
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A game played at night-time, generally in California. It's basically hide and seek with cars. One group is the immigrants and another group is the border patrol. The immigrants get a few minutes to run and hide the best they can. The border patrol group gets into cars and tries to find them. When you find someone, someone has to get out of the car and chase them down. The more people, the more fun it is.
"Kelly drove her car into a ditch last night trying to catch Megan when we were playing La Migra."
by nightink April 28, 2008
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What you yell out to make a bunch of mexicans start running for their life because they are illegal.Mean but funny..
ex. Oye la migra is looking for you. watch out!
by adriane arce April 21, 2005
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Them bitches that are after me...
But I always stay one step ahead.


They found me!
by Fercho! December 12, 2004
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Immigration officials seeking those illegal non-citizens to forcefully prosecute and or return illegals to their home country by any means necessary through conventional or abusive actions.
mi amigos es la migra.
by US citizen james April 10, 2006
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