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LYG is an acronym for "love you guy", a term of endearment, a little piece of bromance for IM chat.

LYG is normally followed by a <3.
Steve : Ok, I'm heading home, bye bye.
Duncan: Okay LYG <3
Jimmy: LYG <3
Archie: Hold me...
by Houtie January 27, 2012
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Three letter acronym that stands for love your guts. This tla is more creative and expressive than ily(i love you).
While engaging in an instant message conversation or a text message, you can write lyg to express your affection for the other person you are conversing with.

bye, lyg <3
by Xbox Xtravagant February 12, 2008
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LYG is the acronym for "Lose your Girlfriend." An alternate version is LYB for "Lose Your Boyfriend."

1. A discreet way to encourage someone to leave their hopeless significant other.
2. Passive-aggressive way to tell someone that their partner is annoying.
3. A concise pick-up line.
While on a date, if your girlfriend talks on her cell phone for thirty minutes without acknowledging you, the kind waiter may say "LYG."

Tina: Yeah, those comedians are funny or whatever, but have you guys heard of Dane Cook?!
Your Friends: LYG.

If your boyfriend keeps chatting it up with someone else at the bar, the cute bartender might wink and say, "My shift is over in 10 minutes. LYB."
by allamericanmaid December 22, 2009
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