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Immediately prior to the release of the second generation Small-Block, General Motors released a largely unrelated engine which also used the LT name. The LT5 was a special engine indeed. It was an all-aluminum 349 in³ (5.7 L) small-block V8, but was entirely different from any of the other Chevrolet 350 engines. The bore and stroke were both different at 3.9 by 3.66 in (99 by 93 mm) instead of the usual 4 by 3.48 in (102 by 88 mm) and it featured Lotus-designed 32-valve DOHC heads. This engine produced 375 hp (280 kW) and 370 ft·lbf (502 Nm) for the 1990-1992 Corvette ZR-1 and jumped to 405 hp (302 kW) and 385 ft·lbf (522 Nm) for 1993 to its final year in 1995, thanks to cam timing changes and improvements to the engine porting.
The ZR1 Corvette destroys the SVT and SRT engines with its powerful LT5 Engine
by Shadowmage69666 January 09, 2008
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