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A shock site with 4 men in their mid 20's buttfucking each other in a train formation. COmpared to some of the others out there, this shock site isn't that bad.
Troll: Hey man go to
NOob: Is this another Shock site.
Troll. Nope. I swear on my father's balls.
NOob. ok
Noob: Aww fuck dude at least that wasn;t as bad as eel girl Where does your dad live?
Troll: He's dead you insensitive fag.
by Spanied May 17, 2010
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Anal sex (often with homosexual men) in a line.

A lol train has to be more then four people for it be to classed as a lol train.
by OHMYGODLOLTRAIN November 25, 2009
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A loltrain is when people, normally on irc or IM say lol one after the other. The minimum amount to be classed as this is 3 lol's.
stevo111: OMG i just saw a flying monkey

NurseJoy: lol
rummik: lol
stevo111: lol

stevo111:^loltrain XD
by stevo111 October 29, 2007
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When someone says something so funny you can't say anything but a series of lols together thus forming the loltrain.
1: Dude did you see Mary's fall?
1: (enter loltrain:) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
by Caroline Himanen March 13, 2009
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