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Liquid Nitrogen

Comes from the fact that L denotes liquid. Nitrogen is diatomic, thus forming N2 gas normally, but under extreme cold, it is a liquid. Has a boiling point around -180 degrees celsius.

Otherwise known as some fun stuff to play with.
I stuck my dick in the LN2 and when it froze, I karate chopped it and it shattered into about 50,000 pieces.
by Hizzo March 18, 2004
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LN2 = Long Number 2 ( extra big stinky poop)
babe I need 10 more min. I have LN2 it just keeps comming out. I will need pot plunger to help flush,I just hate it when water & shit gets all over floor...
by itichie_nocanpo September 09, 2006
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