an energetic and unpredictable person.
synonyms: energetic person · ball of fire · fireball · human dynamo ·
busy bee · eager beaver · go-getter · whizz-kid · mover and shaker · powerhouse · life and soul of the party · tiger · demon
a person who acts and gets things done; "he's a principal player in this affair"; "when you want something done get john he is a live wire; "he's a miracle worker"

a zealously energetic person that gets things done.
by sonicsb1 October 30, 2015
A person who often becomes excited and aggressive over trivial things. Specific stimuli especially invokes excitement from one who is a live wire.
Watch what you say, because he's a live wire, he gets so mad over the tiniest things, especially if you tease him about his extensive shoe collection. But if you talk about something he likes, he'll become really excited and happy!
by Laura MM October 2, 2010
Live wire vs tongue
Everyone who joined the compitition died.
by Why is this happening November 18, 2020