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A LIGATT, is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.
Guy said he was the World's #1 Car Stereo Installer, turned out he was a Ligatt, wired the speakers to the horn.
by NobodyLikesU June 21, 2010
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ligatt - to stretch the truth to unimaginable lengths in order to compensate for an extremely small male appendage.
To ligatt is to make up something so far fetched that when examined, it unravels. For example, "I drove my car to the moon today"
by H31nz June 21, 2010
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Someone who pretends to know about _____ but in all actuality, they know nothing and just preach to those who do not understand _____ because they are the only ones who will buy into their BS. They always end up getting pwned by the real _____ professionals.
I hope that I don't end up on the wall of Ligatt at Defcon this year!
by H31nz June 24, 2010
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Someone reputable and likable that does good work and yet for some mysterious reason has a legion of haters and bashers.
That Ligatt works quietly all day but his co-workers talk shit constantly
by Wesley9000 July 12, 2010
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