Eat as much Indian food as possibly, grab someone's ancles until their nose is level with your anus. Proceed to defecate into said nose until it overflows their mouth and spills onto their hair.
"I gave that chick a Peruvian Laxative last night"
"How'd it go?"
"she's getting the rest removed from her brain by surgeons"
The cup or cups of coffee that stimulate a bowel movement.
"A little backed up this morning--better quaff me some Coff-O-Lax."
by JackNoxious March 14, 2022
People who have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and engage in risky behavior are exhibiting vax lax.
All those people at Lollapalooza? They all had vax lax.
by ElCommissioner August 20, 2021